Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ants and ice cream and running....?

I woke up Friday morning at 4:30 a.m., apparently the new time that my body likes to wake up.  I am usually an early to bed early to rise kind of gal but lately it has been getting ridiculous, I have been going to bed later and getting up even earlier.  Pretty much means that spring is finally here and I can’t wait to get outside and enjoy life and the nice weather!!! Has anyone else here in New England noticed how the trees seemed to have blossomed over night? Everywhere I look there are signs of life!!!!  I think I have missed this completely while I was in law school.  I mentioned this to Aaron, my husband, about how I never realized how beautiful spring is (I go crazy over fall, but never spring). he replied because I always miss it because I am studying for finals, another benefit of no more school, enjoying the beauty of spring!

So I woke up at the nice hour of 4:30 and was going past the bathroom when I noticed an ant, I proceeded to step on it (sorry!) but then looking down it was still there, so I tried again, but it was still there…it was then my 4:30 a.m. groggy self realized, that my one ant had many friends.  Yes, we have ants!!!  Oh joy…!  To my credit, I did not freak out, but proceeded to decide that this warranted waking up my husband and a mass cleanup of the apartment!  My husband and I set to work cleaning, I took at little break to do a quick elliptical workout where I was hoping to losen up my knee for tomorrow’s long run and came back to it while my husband then took a hockey break (he plays hockey as a goalie a few times a week).  It was then that I discover where all my new little found friends were hiding…they had come in through the walls into our office and were hiding under all of  “our stuff” that we keep in the back part of our office….for who knows how long…c’est la vie!

Because that part of the post left such a good taste in your mouth, I will continue with what I originally intended to write about – frozen yogurt and icecream!  Since it is getting warmer out, I felt it was warranted to give a top 10 of the best fro yog and ice cream places in MA. Now I am no critic, but I have had a lot of ice cream in my time and for me cold weather is by no means a reason to stop having ice cream but with the spring some of the best places are reopening (and being the ice cream freak I am, the reopening dates have been on my calendar since who knows when)!  Thus, thought it was necessary to divulge from running for a few moments to talk about one of my greatest love affairs…my love affair with that cold yummy dairy product that we all scream for!


10) Cabots - This place has crazy sundaes!! A s'more sundae, a PB sundae, candy sundaes, waffle is intense to say the least. i always eat too much because they give you soooo much and i can't help myself when it comes to icecream
9)Emack and Bolios - I love that this place has homemade waffle cones and whipped cream....I am a sucker for both treats immediately pushing shops that have them to the top 10 list
8) JP Licks - This used to be my ultimate favorite before i was introduced to some other more homemade places but it is still absolutely awesome. They have a set menu which include one of favorites, oatmeal cookie. But then they also have specials each month which I love too.
7) Kimball Farm - -  This place serves you soooo much icecream. I love the PB Cup because there are real PB cups in it as well as fudge and PB if I recall correctly.  The kiddie cup here is like a large elsewhere.  Also they have fun things to do if you go to the one in Carlisle, like bumper boats and mini golf. 
6) Racatore’ s  I have recently become more fond of rancs.  They have homemade waffle cones of different varieties and homemade whipped cream, an immediate plus.  They also have pretty interesting flavors. For a while, I did not think they were too great but I have got to say that I have been really enjoying this place lately
5) White Mountain Creamery -  Again homemade waffle cones and whipped cream yum.  Their oreo is really yummy!  They are open year round which is a major plus in the winter!
4)Bedford Farms - This place is amazing!!! They also give you soo much icecream and I can't get enough.  Their tollhouse cookie is my absolute favorite, it has actual soft tollhouse cookies in it. YUM! Also they do customized icecream cakes which I often get for my birthday.  This one has oreo and tollhouse cookie, again it was a bit intense but soo good.
3) Captain Frostys Located in Dennis on the Cape, this little fried fish stand serves amazing soft serve.  It seems pretty basic but it is absolutely amazing.  I was never a big soft serve person but this place totally changed my mind.
2) Berry Line So i have only been recently introduced to this fad.  And I love it.  This is soft served frozen yogurt that is tart. It actually tastes more like yogurt and they have different flavors - original, raspberry, nutella, mango...depending on the day and then all sorts of toppings, fruit, granola, candy.  I love this stuff!!! I can't decide which one i like better pinkberry or berryline they are both pretty similar in my mind but some people have a pretty strong opinion about...any thoughts?  There are also tons other places like it. recently did their own review:  I had this for lunch yesterday.  I meant to take a picture, had my camera and everything but it was sooo good I just dug right in and forgot about the camera, a testament to how good this is!
1) Cape Cod Creamery  Also on the Cape this place is my favorite. Enough so, that I have gone through the difficult process of bringing back pints for the winter from the Cape back to my place north of Boston.  It has everything from amazing flavors: oreo, twix, pb cup, softserve to all the good add ons rainbow sprinkles (which apparently not all MA icecream shops have), huge homemade waffle cones! YUM, a Cape visit is not complete without stopping here. 

I would love to hear what your favorite places are....Stay tuned for this week's running recap and my apparently bum knees and IT bands eek...trouble is brewing....but that is not stopping me from registering for Falmouth - today's registration day!

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