Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pregnancy Counting Confusion

Is anyone else confused about this whole pregnancy counting dilemma?  I have to tell you, maybe it is because I am a lawyer by trade, but I have never been good at math and I do not think this whole pregnancy counting calendar is helping one bit.  I think the trouble begins early, with the fact that you actually start counting week one of your pregnancy before you are actually pregnant - you count from the start of your last period.  In my case, I did not have a last period to count from so we went two weeks back from when we believed conception happened and counted there - that is week one of my pregnancy. Uhhh at that time, I was taking Clomid and nothing was happening down there, so I am pretty sure I was not in fact pregnant.  But that is where the confusion begins in my book.

Things get more complex as you go I have come to realize.  The next issue I have encountered is figuring out when trimesters end.  Some websites told me I was out of the 1st trimester and could breathe a short sigh of relief at 12 weeks but some said not to the end of your 13th week - which made for a little bit of crazy making as I was counting the days, minutes, seconds to make it cross that monumental occasion. We went the 12 week route - we could not keep it a secret too much longer!

More recently, I am just plain confused about what week I am in.  Last week, my "What to Expecting" emails congratulated me on getting half way through the pregnancy and being in my 20th week, which was interesting to me because on that day I thought I was actually 19 weeks exactly.  I wondered how I could then be in my 20th week?!?!  Aaron tried to explain to me that it goes kind of like this - you have completed 19 weeks on this day but you are starting your 20th week this week.  Same concept for what month your in - I have completed 4 months and I am within my 5th month and at 22 weeks even though I would say I am 5 months exactly, I am actually in my 6 month...I think?!?! I hope I got this right.

Week 20 to the day - I think?!

With all this confusion, what is a girl to do?  Michele sent me this calendar  which has proven very useful (Thanks Michele!).  Honestly, it does not really matter the week so much I guess.  Just like how much does it really  matters whether first I thought my due date was the 22nd of November (Thanksgiving), then the 21st (my parent's anniversary), and now they tell me back to the 22nd.  But I guess when you are a "crazy" pregnant woman like me who loves to check her "What To Expect" app and loves getting one day closer to Baby B day, I can't help but just being a little obsessed with the whole counting thing.

All this counting is exhausting!!

Does anyone else understand why pregnancy counting can be so confusing?


  1. Oh yes and it takes on such a life of its own but so worth it !!!! Erica

  2. Ha! Definitely a lawyer thing to not be up with the math. Neither am I. :)

    I think the counting is confusing too. I am two weeks and one day behind you and am exactly 18 weeks today. I do know my exact conception date because I took Ovidrel. But of course the fact that the first two weeks count is totally confusing.