Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Girl or Boy?!?!

This post is late in coming by about two weeks.  I know!  Can we blame it on Aaron who has to take the computer to work everyday and by the time he gets home I am too tired to write?  I guess we cannot truly blame him as he is, you know, working and all, but I have suggested moving his computer onto my desk so you all don't have to wait so long for posts.  He was none too enthusiastic, but who am I kidding by the time I get home I am usually too tired to stare at a computer anymore anyway.  So with a  rainy July 4th morning where I am putting off my run I figured now would be a perfect time.

Where were we?

Ahhh or pink?  To Aaron's dismay, I believe, I would not just let us let the ultrasound person tell us.  Instead, I brought these cookies in two separate boxes to the ultrasound tech and had her check off which box (the blue or the pink) we should use.

Use this one!

From there we headed out to diner, originally we were going to have the waiter bring the correct cookie out with dessert but in the end we just kept it private and opened it ourselves over dessert.


I was pretty surprised because I have already had two "it's a girl dreams,"  but then again I had a "its twins" dream too so we can't really rely on me.  But honestly we are thrilled - I think Aaron is super psyched it is a boy and is ready to make a hockey player out of him.  I am just happy that so far we have all healthy reports.  Honestly, all of this still seems so unreal to me, but as the whole thing sets in I am left with excitement and happiness.  I am excited for Baby B to have lots of other boys to play with and I may already be setting him up with my best friend's soon to be baby girl due a month before Baby B (because of course he will be a heart throb).  I have also been told boys are the best, but in the end we would have been happy either way.

In the meantime, we also told my dad and grandparents the news in sort of a special way.  I ordered flowers for my grandparents which arrived the next day in "boy colors" and they loved it and were so excited.  We were so happy to include them and surprise them.  My brother schemed with me and brought a card and a bottle of wine over to my dad's house the night we found out to tell him too.  We really enjoyed including our family in our news even though we could not be with them.

That's it.  Happy 4th!!

Did you find out the gender beforehand?  How did you find out?

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