Friday, July 20, 2012

Running in the Rain

Thank you everyone for your comments on yesterday's Registry Post.  I really appreciate it.  I will have to do a Follow-up post.  Keep those comments coming.

Hey, I have a novel idea.  Let's talk about running.  This is a running blog right?  So let's go out on a limb here for once and actually mention running.

Hey look, running!

Prior to, well today,  I would have to say that I was still a fair weather runner.  I have run in the rain once or twice but it was pretty minimal rain.  On most days, pre-pregnancy, marathon running Stephanie would see rain and hit the treadmill proclaiming my hatred for all things rain.  When I did go running in the rain, I was ready with all things rain gear - body glide, visor, rain jacket and Stuffits to finish.

Baby B's 2nd Race

But today, things changed.  Miss low key pregnancy runner who has no training plan and comes and goes as she pleases, looked outside and saw the rain, saw the sad text message from her running friend that it was a long night with the baby and had to understandably reschedule, and laced up her running shoes and gave her husband her best - please run with my smile possible.  And once Aaron agreed (even though he had just played a late night hockey game ending at 12:45 and had about 3 hours asleep), we suited up and walked out the door - not just to a light drizzle but a complete downpour.  Yet, instead of turning around, I did something that Aaron remarked was "uncharacteristically not like me"  I smiled, laughed and said "Game On!"  This baby must have some spunk...

I spy a wet baby bump!

As we warmed up our legs by walking to our nearby loop, we were immediately drenched.  We quickly realized today would be a day to go all out on the body glide - something neither of us had chosen to do - Aaron was not even in dri-fit.  As for me, I chose the perfect color for rain - a nice white teeshirt and rolled up running shorts (which btw, I just purchased in a nice very large size for growing room at the price of $5).

We hit the trail and my smile grew wider.  My shoes were soaked, I was hitting all the puddles and we started to sing "Running in the Rain."  We were pretty much alone out there and some walkers that we passed with umbrellas just gave us an eyebrow raise.  We cruised along "trying" to dodge puddles and just having a blast.  I was drenched and loving every second of it.  As we took the last half mile, my smile grew even wider as my husband took off.    There was no way at this point that I could keep up with him and I did not care.  I loved seeing him glide with ease and how far he has come as a runner as well.

Overall, this was not my longest run, not my fastest, but the happiest most fun run I have had in a long time.

So maybe running in the rain is not all that bad afterall...

Do you like running in the rain?

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