Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby B Weeks 21, 22, & 23!

In one last ditch effort to get up to speed, I am clumping three weeks into one (yes, I know sort of cheating), but then I will be back on track.  I still think it is weird to review week 23 when I am 23 weeks and  a day, but that may be just because I am still not so good at wrapping my head around this whole pregnancy counting and the fact that this is actually the 24th week.  Well however you slice it, its an update none the less.

How have I been feeling?  Still pretty good overall but having some random pregnancy symptoms now and again.
  • Heartburn: Last week, heartburn made its return with a vengeance for a good, say 48 hours.  I am blaming it on my ever so talented ability to inhale french fries. 
  • Swollen Feet:  My feet are still nice and swollen, so much so that my doctor sent me for another ultrasound to rule out any blood clots - all clear :)  
  • Dry Eyes:  My eyes have been incredibly dry which Dr. Google (and my doctor at my last appointment) confirmed was completely normal.  It is really only my right eye.  Interesting it is my right eye that is dry and my left foot that is swollen.  At first, I could not stand putting contacts in and I am not a huge fan of wearing my glasses, but then I found if I just waited for a bit in the morning before putting them in (like a  half hour after I woke up or so), then I was good to go.
  • Nosebleeds:  I have had two or three minor nosebleeds which again Dr. Google (and my doctor) confirm is pretty normal.
  • Eczema:  Sexy right?  Dry skin is so much fun.  
  • Tiredness:  Still present but manageable
Week 22

 How have I been feeling emotionally?  Excited and anxious.  I know I should not wish time away but I kind of am.  I cannot wait for the fall and November to meet this little guy!  I know I know, I really need to not wish time away, but I cannot seem to help it. In the meantime, the excitement has translated into me being in baby overdrive.  I am obsessed, at this point, with all things Baby Products and my new favorite book - Baby Bargains - which has been a life saver, thanks to a very good friend's awesome recommendation.  I have also been reading On Becoming Baby Wise, from another good recommendation.   I pretty much cannot get enough!

Cravings/Aversions:  If I would have to pinpoint something, I would say my biggest craving is the need to be in a pool at all times.  This week I told Aaron I was going to buy a kiddie pool and put it in the living room.  On more than one occasion, I have woken up in the morning dreaming of going to the pool.  Maybe I need to drink more water?  Otherwise, pizza and ice-cream - but honestly I don't think this counts, this has always been my craving.  Aversions - still the smell of coffee but that is thankfully it!

Good thing I have an amazing friend that lets me tag along to her pool...

Exercise:  A great few weeks of exercise - a run in the rain with Aaron, a run with Liz, L, and the BOB stroller twice (more on that soon), a speedy 4 mile treadmill run.  Overall, no complaints.  I will take it while it lasts.  I did break down about two weeks ago and went to City Sports  basement and got new running shorts and tops that are BIG!  I plan to grow into them but they still fit pretty good right now.  I love City Sports Basement - I got 4 pair of dri-fit running shorts for $5 each and a $9 dri-fit shirt.  Can't beat that!  I still have not found a good sports bra that I love though.  I have Moving Comfort now, but they don't thrill me.

Week 21 

Doctor's Visits:  Two actually.  One to my OB-GYN this week where I got the TDAP Vaccine which stands for tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) - good thing to because I  managed to cut myself on a knife that night (Not to worry, I am fine Grandma).  Have you heard at all about this vaccine?  Whooping cough is a big concern for babies especially. You can learn more about it here and here.  My doctor recommended that I get it as well as anyone coming into contact with the baby.  In other words, my wonderful father got a call the other day in which I asked him to please get vaccinated.  I am  going to talk to other relatives and friends too and ask if they would be vaccinated if they are spending a lot of time with the baby.  I know it may sound extreme, but whooping cough is serious business.  I completely understand if they don't want to be vaccinated, but then I would ask them to hold off being around Baby B for the time.  Again, extreme?  Maybe, but again it is serious stuff, really serious.

Anyway, the other visit was to my PCP after I was just feeling sick post TDAP - turns out just a coincidence and more likely that I just had a little virus - no big deal.

Coming up, a visit to interview a pediatrician, I really need to get on questions to ask/things to look out for.

Baby Movement:  Baby B is becoming more of a gymnast by the day and I love love it.   Only problem is when he decides to be quiet and then I get nervous and poke up him to make sure all is O.K.  Aaron still has not been able to feel him move, I guess Baby is still building up those muscles in order to give some really good kicks.

Guess that is it for now.  Tell me, what are your views on the TDAP?  Any good questions or things to look for when I go interview a pediatrician this week?  Any good sports bra suggestions?

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