Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aaron's Reset Button (and My Brooks Giveaway)

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So on with it....

Whether or not you have had the "lucky" opportunity of studying for the Bar Exam two bar exams in one summer, you have probably hear that this exam is a little stressful.

It can do this to you...

Or this....

You can have fits of screaming crying temper tantrums when you can not decide what to eat for dinner or you can drop your new $90 favorite glass bottle of perfume all over the floor or you can mentally freak out and call your tutor five times in a day plus a few text and emails or finally bring only pens to the examine when you need pencils.  I am clearly denying that this was me at any point last summer. Nope I was cool as a cucumber. Right? Sure?.....ehhh

Hey, I am not defending myself but after 7 years of higher education all culminating in this one 3 day hellish event where you have to take six hours of testing a day answer 250 multiple choice questions, complete a practical, and write 15 essays, you would be a little edgy too right?? (please say right...) You might even take it upon yourself to study 14 hours a day for three months.  All this studying to get a D+, yup that is right, you heard me, you ONLY need a D + to pass the bar exam, and I am here to attest (bar word) that it was the hardest D+ I ever earned in my life!!!

Anyway, get to the point here Stephanie (or as some call me Stephanator - two extra giveaway points if you tell me what this means and if you have a nickname hint look at my guest post @SweettoothRunner - leave a reply on my giveaway post). Well, the point is that I was very scared of this exam and would not feel too good about my chances when I got, oh say 10 in a row wrong (it happens, believe me).  It was then that my wonderful husband introduced me to the:


Many of you have probably heard of the reset button, in fact it was the amazing Lindsay over @Cotter Crunch that inspired this post. But if you have not heard of it, a reset button is essentially, for all intents and purposes  a "do-over."  You wipe the slate clean and move on with a clear head like nothing has ever happened.  While I sure needed this basic concept for the bar review, when 10 questions appeared wrong, I absolutely need it (especially lately for running).  It allows me to move on when I have those bad runs and to move forward.

What is different about Aaron's Reset button. Well here is his story.  

Growing up Aaron was and still is a hockey goalie.  This is a hard position for anyone mentally, especially a kid.   Once a goal goes in, you feel it is all your fault and then you can't shake it.  You keep thinking about it, just like those bad runs and then before you know it another goal goes in or you have another bad run.

This is what happened to "Little Aaron" a goal would go in and he would be so consumed with that last goal that another one would go right in after.  So what did he do?  Video games to the rescue.  In his hockey video game, whenever someone scored on him, he could just press the "Reset Button" and try again, clean slate.  And he decided to apply this to relife, he even drew a reset button on his hand to remind him, Beep Reset!!! 

Now will this solve everything? No.

But is it helpful?  Hell yea. 

In life, you can apply this concept to many things hockey, the bar, a bad day, or a bad run.  It is something I try my best to live by.  

For an extra chance at the giveaway, do you have a reset button and when do you use? Make sure to leave your comment on my giveaway post!

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