Friday, May 13, 2011

Sans Running Buddy!! What's a girl to do?

What do you mean I have to run alone?!?! That was my immediate reaction this morning when I found out my running buddy (who I think I will officially call RB from now on) could not run with me tomorrow, on my birthday of all days, due to a very unhappy hamstring.  So my birthday run has gone from running on the Charles to running in the neighborhood (due to logistics) to running by myself. L This makes me really sad. For a long time, I have run by myself but lately I have been become very spoiled and have run with RB and others and I have loved every minute of it and frankly don’t want to go back! The thought of running 12 whole miles alone, well kind of sucks in my mind right now.  Who is going to push me? Who is going to encourage me?  If this was real life, my description of this situation would be “double, triple tear!!!”  
So what is a gal to do?  First, I tried contacting some other bloggers in the Boston area. But no luck.  BUT if anyone out there is listening and is interested, please please speak up!

Otherwise, my husband and I came up with another idea.  He would run with me…well I will run, he will rollerblade.  There is a lot standing in the way of this and we are not sure it is going to work. For one, he does not have rollerblades anymore, so we need to buy them.  Another issue is that the ground has to be pretty smooth and we are not sure if Minute Man will do it.  Then there is the question of whether he can hold up for the 12 miles and finally there is the issue of keeping pace and running next to each other with his blading stride.   Now, these are all various issues, but it would be completely AWESOME if it actually worked! I would love to “run” with my husband. He would be great for encouragement and perseverance.   He could carry the water and supplies (sorry hun!) and he would be a great companion. Plus, I often think of him when I am running alone waiting for me diligently and how if I can get through, he will be there for me.  Actually having him at my side, would be so wonderful.  So we shall see….but what a wonderful birthday present if it works!

Meanwhile, today should be the big day of the closing of the house.  We have not heard anything from anyone on blips so we hope hope hope hope that we are good to go. It has been quite a crazy process, which is why I am so tentative to this closing but it seems like it is happening!!!


  1. Aw man, I totally feel your pain on the running buddy thing! I have gone through periods where I have been VERY spoiled by always having people to run/bike with, and then when I have to do it alone I get SO sad. I wrote a post a while back about how I want to do a marathon this fall, but my last marathon I did 90% of the runs with my friend who was doing it with me. So the thought of doing all those long runs by myself scares me! Granted, I'm sure I'll be able to find some people to run some of the runs, or at least part of them, with me, but it's still not the same!:)

    If I was in Boston I'd run with ya! Sorry! Good luck figuring it out and let us know how it worked out with the husband/rollerblade idea!

    Also, I see you're running MCM! That's awesome! I didn't have my stuff together in time to sign up for that one (why does it sell out so fast!?!:), but I may go cheer because a lot of my friends are running it (and I live in the DC area). So maybe I'll see ya then!:)

  2. Erin,

    I know I am so spoiled now. I can't even think of doing it alone. and i have done it forever alone, so weird! I was really happy to have him back for at least half my run today but I am thinking ahead to the half marathon when i will be alone but technically not so much because the race will be full of other runners!

    I wish you were in Boston. I love running buddies. I hope you come to the MCM! You should totally still do it. There are a bunch of charity teams you could do for like minimal money - $500 or so and then you will have us to run with.

    The rollerblading went so well. I am going to post on it soon, can't beleive i did not try it sooner!

  3. You should join a running club so you'll have buddies to run with!! I know what you mean about not having a running buddy, but sometimes I do really enjoy running alone. I think it's the solitude that helps me work through my own thoughts sometimes if I've had a bad day! I hope the closing happens, that is so stressful that it's such a long and drawn out process!

  4. I know I know. I thought about that at one point but I have not found one in my area and then it is kind of a whole thing to try and get there etc and never seems to be the right times. But I should look into it more thanks!

    I know, I used to be very into running alone but I think so much running alone and now the newness of running with others has made me really into it. Today i did 4 miles along and 4 miles with my friend which was a really good combo!