Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Deep Breathing…And RollerBlading!

 I don’t do a ton of yoga (although I do want to start and would love some good recommendations on places because I am sore and need to stretch), but I do practice deep breathing.  It is really an amazing exercise in calmness and taking just a moment to relax.  Try it sometime it is really easy! When I first learned it, I thought this is ridiculous and never going to work, but the exercises really do bring an air of serenity in a crazy day.

If you are interested here is a basic exercise: Sit with your eyes closed or open. Now repeat in your head :
I am inhaling one (and inhale)
I am exhaling one (and exhale)

Now try to keep going up until 10. Every time you get distracted by other thoughts and worries start over. Go for as long as you would like. It may sound crazy, but I swear it works wonders.

Anyway, after all the craziness of this weekend, I have been doing A LOT of deep breathing.  I woke up this morning in our new home!  It is so exciting to be new homeowners especially in a place that I absolutely love.  Even better the place has an air about it that makes it feel like we are at my husband’s family’s Cape house, which I truly love (pictures to come).  Can’t get much better?  The only downside is the massive packing and unpacking.  We spent all weekend moving ourselves (with the help of some very very nice friends and an amazing father) but we are wiped out with so much more to still do. I am trying to keep this in perspective.  Really, if the worst thing I have to complain about is unpacking into my new beautiful home, I have got it pretty good! But nonetheless, here I am  complaining.  We have tons and tons of boxes to go through and tons of people coming Saturday night for dinner to celebrate all the wonderful events in our life, most notable my husband who will walk at graduation from law school Sunday already a lawyer (he graduated in December, took the bar in February but commencement is this Sunday).  Thus we will have family and friends coming to stay for the night and for dinner.  I think we are up to 14 but hopefully it will be less.  I love entertaining but I wish we were a little more settled first. Oh well, who cares, I am happy to share the new house.

 Me in my HUGE walk in closet - all i can see is YAY!  Aaron is currently building a whole Closet Maid set up which I am sooo excited for ...
Me after the closing. Finally, we are in!

In the meantime, for anyone that was wondering, Saturday’s blading/run was a major monumental success.  On Friday, we went and bought Aaron new Rollerblades that were particularly fashioned to not feel the vibrations of the road and Saturday morning we woke up at 5 before the big moving day to run 12 miles on Minute-Man (which we thought would be the smoothest area for Rollerblades. I had such a blast.  What a great birthday present (Saturday was my birthday)!  We started out and I instantly realized how special it was to finally share such a big part of my life with the love of my life.  We share everything and Aaron is so supportive of my running but he never runs with me he is more of a hockey boy. So off we went, joking and running and blading.  Aaron was like my own pit crew.  You would hear me shout:

“water stat” and he would roll pass with the water bottle”
Cliff Shots in a ¼ of a mile
Rocky Music Go (cue iPHone)
Encouragement now

It was a great 12 miles.  I told my husband, he may he in trouble as I gear up for the 20 mile runs.  The icing on the cake was that I was able to keep pace without my running buddy.  It took us about 1:34:16 mins and a 7:50 pace.  Usually I feel the dreaded incline of Minute Man and I hardly felt it – thanks running buddy for pushing me through hills! So ultimately is was a MAJOR success.  And then we spent the rest of the day/weekend moving, lets just say by Sunday night I could hardly move I was sooo tired.
Aaron taking a picture with his Iphone, it is blurry but it actually looks pretty cool!

Post run!  


  1. #1. I am super impressed by your 7:50 pace 12 miler!
    #2. I am super impressed that your hubby ROLLERBLADED for 12 miles! Rollerblading always makes me super sore afterward, and I only go for 20 mins or so at a time!
    #3. CONGRATS on your new house!! SO exciting!

  2. Thanks. I am psyched to on all accounts:)

  3. Wow what a great pace!! I think I'd fall on my face if I went rollarblading.

  4. Thanks! I agree I would fall on my face too. Its a miracle I manage the running!

  5. Congratulations on your new house! VERY exciting! :)