Sunday, May 26, 2013

How far would you go to finish a run?

As recent events have shown, do not mess with runners, we are a breed onto ourselves. We do anything and everything for running.  That is not to say we do not care about anything else but we take our running seriously!  I completely acknowledge that there are runners who are a lot more relaxed about their running and won't empathize with this post.  Even I stopped running at multiple points in my career for things bigger and better. However, for many of the runners reading this, I know most of the time come hell or high water we are running.

No biggie just a 5k the day before I gave birth

Throughout my running career, I have done WHATEVER it takes to get my run in and/or finish a race.  Sometimes, I admit my decisions were not the smartest and have resulted in injuries (hopefully I have learned my less).  But most of the time whether it is snowing, hot as hell, or I am just feeling awful - I am going to put that aside in the name of running.

So I spent two hours in the medic tent post a very hot 20 miler - worth it

Please, I am clearly having fun

Ok now that some of you are nodding in agreement and some of your are shaking your head like I am crazy lets talk about yesterday's run.  Rewinding to Friday night, I was super scared for my run.  I have been dealing with temperamental knees of late - an old runner's knee injury essentially - and had my knee taped by my PT.  I may have called him twice on Friday getting the double, triple O.K. to run 10 miles Saturday morning.  Then there was the fact that it was cold and windy on Saturday and I had not packed for such weather. But when I woke Saturday morning, all that melted away as I geared up for a wet, cold run.  
Because when it is time to run you get excited

So now what is really so hardcore about running in the cold rain?  Not much I guess. Maybe even stupid because of my knee (I promise I got the O.K.), but then Mile 5 came around on Saturday.  At Mile 5, it was time to take a ShotBlok. No biggie I thought and took a walking break to eat and drink.  Yea....and then all of a sudden I felt something crunchy, and we all know Shotbloks are not crunchy in the least, just chewy. And before you knew it, out popped my crown on my tooth.  TMI?  The crown has been there for years, through many ShotBloks, but today out it came.  I could have stopped and gone home, but what good would that have done.  So I put the crown in my iFitness belt (you never know what it will be good for) and I finished those last 5 miles - clearly, what else would you do....

Some people may think runners are crazy.  I just think we are a special breed.  There is something so amazing about digging deep and getting through a run; having a goal and reaching it no matter what.  Are we crazy?  I don't thing so.  It is therapeutic? Hell yea.  Will we stop? Nope.  Granted, when you have to, when you may be injured or hurt, when family comes first, you stop, you do what you have to do.  But in most cases, runners keep going, they preserve, what else is there really to do!

What are some crazy times when you have pushed through a run and gone above and beyond?  How far would you go to finish a run?

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