Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Know it is Race Week....

The countdown has officially begun.  On Sunday, I will run the NJ 1/2 Marathon, which I was originally expected to run as the full last year and then downgraded to the half and then deferred because you know...

Forget 1st trimester, the first 18 weeks of pregnancy were hard for me

This is my first true race in over a year.  The last race I truly raced was back on February 6, 2012 - yes I remember the date...

February 6, 2012

Unless you count this race....

November 22, 2012...
At least it did its job...

November 23, 2012

Ok back to the point, it isofficia lly race week for me and it has not been such a week in a long long time.  In fact, it feels like my first half marathon ever!  But even with feeling like I have never run a half those things that you do in the week leading up to the race never seem to change and come right back like old habit.  Here comes the list of the week

Top 10 Ways You Know it is Race Week

10)  All of your workouts, runs etc. sucked and you have convinced yourself your race will too;

9)  You have been thinking about the perfect playlist all week and yet spend the late hours of the night before the race finalizing the exact dream playlists as all your other playlists will not work in this situation;

8)  You have convinced yourself you are dehydrated and now must go out and buy several extra tubs of Nuun to ensure hydration is complete;

7) You can't decide whether the race or the expo and friends is the more exciting part of the weekend;

6)  Instead of sitting around the day before the race to rest up you go and have a blast and spend too much money on things you do not need, but really do need as a runner, at the expo;

5)  You have been debating outfit choices since the beginning of the week and still have not decided what to wear;

4)  You have the obligatory dream about forgetting your Garmin or showing up late to the race altogether;

3)  You come up with phantom injuries and illnesses;

2)  You make trips to the doctors for such phantom illnesses during which time you find you wasted a $25 copay on said phantom injury or illness; and 

1)  You ditch the heels and refuse to wear anything but sneakers 24/7, even to work

So here we go 13.1, I am coming to get you.  It's go time!

How do you know it is race week?

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