Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Run-Blogger Connection

If you have ever met me for even a few minutes or read my blog, you know that without a doubt I love love to run with friends.  Not only is it so much more fun to run with others, but it also gives me the strength and motivation I need to run my best.  I have been really lucky for the past few years running with bloggers along the way that I have "met" as well as my family! But some running partners, you know who you are, hold a special place in my heart.  Unfortunately, of late running has been a solo activity for me, which is really really lame.

How else would you run but with friends and sparkles.

Luckily, this weekend I had a chance to run with another blogger.  I don't know there must be something about bloggers but running with them always makes the run ideal.  Just as backdrop - last week I ran alone - 10 miles it took 1:36:00.  My half took 2:02 two weeks ago. They were O.K. runs but not as good as I wanted.

This week, I ran with support, with a friend, I ran 12 miles in 1:48:59.  What happened? Clearly, running with a friend, a fellow blogger and runner makes a big BIG difference.

Dani & I post run

Dani and I have technically crossed paths twice and have checked out each other's blogs but other than that we had never really talked, but we quickly agreed to spend 12 miles without a flinch of an eye.  It could have been awkward, it could have been silent, she could have not liked to chat, while I like to chat away.  But I was never worried about that, I knew she was a runner, a blogger, and would be an instant friend!  (Dani is right now un-following me on Twitter - I tried to explain to her I am a blog stalker but I don't think  she realized how bad it really is).  The only worry I had was her speed and keeping her from going as fast as she wanted - she is super fast and amazing. 

From the start, this run was amazing.  We met and off we went chatting away talking about anything and everything like old friends from races to jobs to life we moved along with ease.  And as I looked down at my pace I was increasingly excited, not only was I making a new friend and hopefully running buddy, but I was seriously increasing my pace from last week!

8:57, 8:41, 8:56, 8:54, 8:59, 9:35, 9:04, 9:13

Get excited Wubby - Dani told me about a dog beach!!!

Then the last few miles hit.  It was hard stuff.  This run was pushing it for me.  If I was alone, I probably would have given up, but running with another I pushed myself.  I told Dani to keep talking and she did, she encouraged me, as wonderful runners do, and soon enough we had finished.

9:06, 9:14, 9:14, 9:01.... 

I have not been a consistent blogger in the past year.  Of late, I have felt the need to get back into blogging, and this run only reaffirms this.  The friends and running partners I have made through blogging are friends of a life time, people I could not live without.

Thank you Dani for helping me have such a great run (and again hopefully I totally did not creep you out with this post hehe).

Do you have that special run/blogger connection?

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