Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Second Child

No, no NO I am not pregnant; I do not mean that as a second child.  Rather, I mean Wubby (a.k.a "Wubs," "Wub-a-Dubs," "Wubinator") you all remember him right...

Wubby - April 2012 

Wubby - May 2013

When Wubby first appeared in our lives, I was ecstatic to have him.  I could not wait.  But, honestly, within a few weeks, Wubby and I had developed a love/hate relationship of sorts.  I was pregnant and sick and it was A LOT of work for me to even try to take care of him - even though Aaron did mostly everything.  I kept telling myself that I could never be a mom if I could not take care of a dog.  I also convinced myself that dogs must be harder than children - ha ha ha.

Wubby had a love for towels & blankets especially eating them

Yup Wubby had taken my bath mat

Wubby also realized our relationship was strained.  He often saw me deep in an emotional meltdown - oh pregnancy (sure I am going to blame that on pregnancy, nothing to do with my personality, nope nothing).  He did not listen to me.  He did not see me as superior.  And he seemed to poop everywhere, I  mean everywhere. And chew up everything.

I did love Wubby, do not get me wrong, but I did not feel that connection with Wubby as deeply as others might with their dogs. I just didn't.  Writing that now even makes me want to cry.

Still wanting to develop that special relationship with the Wubs

Then Lee was born.  My greatest fear with Wubby through all of this was whether Wubby would be good with Lee.  We had trainers, took classes, worked hard. Unfortunately,  Wubby became pretty anxious - considering I had postpartum anxiety I cannot blame him.   He was never ever bad with Lee, actually he was very good with Lee and continues to be a wonderful brother.  But he was anxious and not the best listener when it came to listening to me.  We had a behaviorist come and help us.  She told us that we may have to think about "rehoming" Wubby if we could not get him "under control." 

Wubby's first look at the Pack-n-Play pre-Lee.  Yes, there is a baby doll in the crib to get Wubby used to it

After hearing that, something clicked.  I could not stand the thought of Wubby leaving us.  Wubby was my child and I loved him more than I could ever imagine.  He was a part of our family.  It was just not  an option.  However,  if it meant danger to Lee or others, we would have found Wubby another home.  I know other parents who have had to make that tough decision and my heart goes out to them.  They made a difficult but right choice, which is only to be admired.

Anyway, the behaviorist taught us how to help Wubby and I made it my goal.  I worked with Wubby every single day to teach him that I was his Mommy and he needed to listen to me.  We worked to ensure that Wubby's anxiety lessened and that he would be a safe puppy for everyone.  It was hard work, but it helped Wubby so much and the anxiety dissipated and he began to see me as his mother.  He learned to stay, come, sit, lie down, leave it, take it, move back, walk with me etc.  I am not saying its perfect, Wubby still has his adventures - he may have had a joy run around the neighborhood yesterday and we had to go around chasing him, scaring his Mommy a lot.  He also listens to his commands, except if we are at the dog park and want him to come in which case it is very hard to get him to stop playing - we are working hard on that one. 

My boys

Today, Wubby and I have changed our relationship.  I know he is safe around Lee and others (although we keep a close eye, as one should around any animal).  My love for Wubby is overwhelming.  He is my child.  I am overwhelmingly happy when we take Wubby to the park or when we come to NJ where he can run free in a gated backyard.  I always want Wubby included in all our outings (although Aaron has to give me a reality check on this sometimes and my friends probably want to kill me, I owe them a lot - I AM SORRY!).  When I am sad, Wubby and I cuddle and he makes me feel better and I can spend hours petting him and cuddling.  One of my favorite Wubby times is after Lee is in bed.  Aaron and I are sitting on the bed and Wubby is chewing his bone on the floor.  I count 1...2....3...and we both slowly get up, corner Wubby and give him a huge snuggle and play with him, giving him special Wubby time.

Can you tell what this is?  Wubby and I sleeping and cuddling...

I never really got it before, but now I get it.  So even when I end up spending 20 minutes cleaning my running shoes because I stepped in his you know what...

Not  my best picture

Wubby is still my child, he is part of my family and we all love him so much...

17 months

Do you have a special relationship with your pet?  Are they part of your family?

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