Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ode to Baby Lee - 6 months

Happy 6 months to my beautiful baby boy!  Be gentle folks, I am not so good at this...

Oh Baby Lee
How can it be;
Six months ago
There was lots of snow;
Then out you popped
And the fun just has not stopped.

Born November 23, 2012

Oh Baby Lee
You caused us such glee;
We named you after our mothers 
And you became Wubby's younger brother;
You grew so fast
and Thank Goodness went go to sleep at last.

Oh Baby Lee
Who are you to me;
The baby who once had lots of tears
And caused his mommy lots of fears;
You became my smily boy
Who loves all his toys.

Oh Baby Lee 
You are our little beluga who lives in the sea;
Ok, maybe not since at first, you did not like the bath
But now you go swimming and have found another path;
You love dancing, singing, jumping and clapping;
And you would rather all that instead of napping.

Oh Baby Lee
You love to make friends, oh gee;
Near and far
where ever you are;
the friends appear
have no fear.

Oh Baby
You are everything to me;
Oh Baby Lee
How I love thee.


Weight: find out tomorrow
Height: find out tomorrow
Foods: Peas (yuck); Oatmeal (yum); rice cereal (yum); sweet potato (yuck); banana (MESSY!)
Sleeping: You are an amazing sleeper
Likes: Jumping, Dancing, Music, Ipod Headphones, Wubby kisses
Dislikes: You seem to love everything!
Firsts:  You can roll over back to front; you are eating solids; you went to a Red Sox game;  you went to the Science Museum; you were in a duckie parade; you played in the snow; you ride in the B.O.B

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