Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Running - Mind Over Matter

I have been working all week (I know it is only Wednesday but this week seems to be dragging...) on the whole mind over matter thing and last night I decided I really wanted to put this to the test with some speed work.  I have not done any speed work since maybe February, but I have had a ton of wonderful, welcomed energy these past few days (followed by very tired nights and mornings) that I put my mind too it and started pumping myself up.  Turns out all I needed was a good motivational pep talk from my running buddy to really get me going.

So this morning I jumped out of bed cuddled with Wubby and Aaron, lazily got out of bed, ate some food, and eventually found my way to the treadmill.  By the way, one of the things I am really enjoying is my new morning agenda.  I am still getting my workouts in but not having those 5 a.m. wakeups is such a nice change and not rushing to the treadmill while gobbling something quick is also an added bonus (I know, I know, enjoy it while it lasts right?) So once, I completed my lazy normal routine I headed to the treadmill.  I honestly wanted to go outside on my trail, with shocker my Garmin (which has not been on my wrist since the end of February) but one step outdoors and I knew I should play it safe.  It is going to be 103 degrees today.

I set the T.V. to Dawson's Creek (yes you heard me) and the treadmill to 8:57 and started out. The goal two miles under 9 minutes.  To put this in perspective, I have not tried to do two miles in under 9 minutes since getting pregnant and I have only been able to do one mile at 8:57 sparingly.  Or so I have been telling myself.  It seemed hard, that first mile, but I was determined telling myself


and then I did it Mile 1, which only meant it was time to push harder - treadmill down to 8:49 and things got harder (in a good way, nothing babywise felt off).  I concentrated on Dawson's Creek, and started the games with myself telling myself just get to 14 minutes and you will almost be there, only a few more laps, think of all the times you have done this.

Somewhere around 1.5 I told myself you are half way there! What?!?  That's right, I decided to up the ante, I no longer wanted just 2 miles, I knew I had 3 in me and even though that seemed like a hard sell when I got to the 2 miles, I push myself again and quickened my pace to 8:34!  And now the countdown really began, 8 mins., 7, 6 etc.  And then we were almost there 2.75 when I decided forget let's just go for 3.10.  That extra little push.  So I did, ending with a very happy 27:14 and a happy red, smiling face!!!

 I am getting "sooo" good at taking my own pictures, huh?

To celebrate just a little more, I grabbed Wubby, put on his leash, and we went off running together probably to add another 1/2 mile or so to the fun.  And you know what? The whole thing felt great, normal, wonderful!!!

I feel, for today anyway, so ready to get back into it. I feel motivated to push myself, to push faster (but only safely) and to enjoy some fun races - I feel more like myself than ever and that is kind of nice.

I don't know if it is the change of mindset or if I have transitioned to feeling the energy burst of the second trimester that people rave about or if it is a combination of the two, but I am just going to keep at it and running is only going to help me do so.  Now granted, I realize tomorrow I may be down for the count and the next day too.  But I am going to push as hard as I can to get passed these sickness feelings.  Sometimes, honestly, I do not feel it is possible, but for now, when it seems to be I am going to run with it.

How do you keep yourself going?  

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