Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby B - Week 17 (.5)

Ok, I am a little late on this update as I am actually 17 weeks 4 days right now but depending how you like to count it I am pretty much right on time for an update.  And the best updates come on days on doctor's appointments, right?  So let's see what I can make of it.

17 weeks!

How have I been feeling?  The game changer this week has been heartburn.  I did not even know it was heartburn.  I never had heartburn before and thought that I was eating too much because I felt like I wanted to vomit but kind of only in my throat.  After dealing with it for days, Aaron was finally like wait that sounds like heartburn. Dr. Google confirmed the diagnosis.  I tried Tums and at first loved them, but by the second try they did absolutely nothing so the doctor recommended Zantac which I will try tomorrow with my yogurt because yogurt seems to be a major cause of my heartburn which makes me sad.  Otherwise, I think/hope that I am getting some energy back as exhibited from my weekend activities and the fact that I am blogging at 8:15 p.m. I am actually thinking of running outside tomorrow morning, I know, unbelievable!

Smoothie Tums!

Emotionally, how am I feeling otherwise? This week has been an emotional roller coaster.  Monday through Thursday I was pretty much just pissed at the world!  I could not understand why I was still sick (do you ever really know why) and what really pissed me off is I could not figure out what to eat.  I could not find a thing to eat and I was just so mad that I could not have the things I wanted - turkey and tuna fish (more on this later).  By Friday, I was just sad.  Sad that I no longer felt like myself, felt normal, felt happy.  In comes Saturday's run and "Project Normalcy"  an attempt to return to normal life as best as possible and feel happy.  It has been pretty successful so far.  I even got through the whole work day today pretty well and ventured to two supermarkets to buy materials for dinner getting me home at 6:15.  It is now 8:30 and I am still up and typing - that is a big plus for Project Normalcy.  When I went to the doctor today though, she reminded me that it is important to experience all the emotions I am feeling as to not let them build up.  I completely agree but also think I am just ready for some happy emotions!

You can't tell but I am rocking color coordinated jewelry and - shocker - makeup today!

Cravings/Aversions:  Cravings getting less and less and aversions as well although I still hate the smell of coffee and onion bagels.  I have been craving tuna fish (but not acting on it don't worry) and turkey.  Also today I was craving my favorite fig and goat cheese pizza.  I went to the doctor and she gave me the green light as long as the cheese is pasteurized.  She did not even require the turkey or other deli meats to be heated, but I will anyway.  I promptly ran to the grocery store after work - annoyed the sales clerk five times to ensure that the label read pasteurized (yes I even took a picture to confirm with Aaron - neurotic much?) - and bought myself some goat cheese and we had goat cheese and fig pizza for dinner OMG, best pizza ever!! You can sense my excitement.

I promise there is pizza under this whole mess of salad but hey look at all the salad I ate!

Exercise:  The best exercise this week for me has been Saturday's run and Sunday's elliptical workout. I took my head out of the gutter and got my mind back in the game and surprised myself with how well I did.  I am excited, after today's much needed rest day, to get back at it.  I want to incorporate more upper body training into my schedule because after holding my friend's baby for all of two minutes, I have pretty much decided I am screwed and need to buff up quickly.  But I am told that this will happen naturally once I have the baby so don't worry.  Otherwise, I am exercising my mind as much as possible.   I am on a reading frenzy trying to get through as much of these baby books as possible.  I feel like I take up a new topic every few days most recently has been cord blood banking and introducing Wubby to the baby.  Now I am reading about all things breastfeeding.

Doctor's Visits:  One today :) and a happy one at that. I love hearing the baby's heart beat.  The doctor said that it sounds as if the baby is moving a lot even though I can't feel him/her yet.  Cannot wait to feel Baby B moving about!   Another visit Friday to find out the gender!!  I want to do something fun and exciting to find out the gender  (although I think Aaron is thinking I am big crazed on this)  - I am taking suggestions.

Dreams:  I had my first real baby dream this week!  I was holding a beautiful blue eyed baby girl who was starring up at me all happy.  Pregnancy dreams are so vivid.  They are incredible.

Alright, it is time to get into bed and do some snuggling with the Wubs if he will calm down to let me - he is currently running back and forth hoping that Aaron will pay attention to him instead of finish working.

The opposite of Wubby now was Wubby this morning when he was too tired from Sunday's outing to do anything.  We were worried about him.

How did you have your baby's gender revealed?  What is your view on all things soft pasteurized cheeses and deli meats?

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