Sunday, June 17, 2012

Project Normalcy

If you have followed my little blog at all in the past year or so, you will notice that the last four months have been well...quiet and not the norm.   Instead of my regular once a day posts, its more like once every two weeks if lucky.  This "non-normal" theme goes further than just the blogging world.  It has been true in most of my life lately, which has been anything but normal.  I get that things are going to be changing drastically and then what is normal really?  But at this point,  as I am trying to find joy in pregnant life and less wallowing about sickness, I think some "normal" is just what I need.  All this sickness has kind of got me down in the dumps.  I kind of just get through my days right now and go home and sleep.  This honestly has done nothing for me emotionally. And thus I knew it was time for a change...

So starting this weekend, I put mind over matter.  My good friend has been harping on me about this all along and I have just not wanted to listen honestly or maybe felt like I could not.  But I am hoping  I am at a point where I can really instill this mind of over matter thing and return to some sort of normalcy and start enjoying the fact that there is a little Baby B growing inside of me.    And this weekend, knock on wood, it actually did work.  I credit this in large part to my first stop Saturday morning - a run with my running buddy and Aaron.  It felt so good to be back out on our trail, talking and running.  Just so normal.  So refreshing.  It made me so happy.   And of course, in true running buddy fashion we went a whole minute faster in average pace than I did last week.  Why?  We both agreed mind over matter.  While we were out there together, I was not letting myself get into my head but instead enjoying the time and pushing myself just enough.  Overall - major run success.

Yay for red faces post running

I pretty much rocked the runner's high after that - cleaning, doing laundry, finishing a puzzle, and then heading into the Boston area to bake cookies and have dinner with friends.
I think this is the first puzzle I ever did all alone.  It is missing a piece, I am pretty sure Wubby ate it.

Soo hard resisting eating more.

Pea Pesto Pasta OMG!  The first thing that has not given me heartburn in a week, I will be making this again this week.

 We did not even get home till about 9:30 p.m. - pretty much an unheard of time for me and thus a major success.

Today - I woke feeling like I had been "hit by a bus," which is what happens lately when I have too good of day the previous day and am therefore down for the count and drained the next.   So I pushed myself to sleep a bit more and then, mind over matter, got up and did the best half hour on the elliptical I have done in the past four months, followed by an awesome time at temple softball (yes don't knock it until you try it), trips to two different grocery store, more laundry, sugar cookie making (for a baby shower I am helping to host next week), and dinner making.

See all those greens?  Are you impressed - actually looks normal and well rounded for once! 

Are you tired yet?  I know I am.  My feet are throbbing.  I can hardly keep myself from falling asleep.  But I have a smile on my face and two chocolate chip cookies in my belly so I would say Day 2 of Project Normalcy is a major success!  The real test will be the work week.  I tend to have a lot more trouble with work than on the weekends.  Aaron is worried that Baby B might have gotten a slacker gene.

How do you push mind over matter?

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