Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome Wubster

We have been pretty busy around here and have had a pretty full weekend not leaving much time for blogging. I started to blog yesterday but life and a puppy got in the way. Needed more time for cuddles and less time for the Internet - balance right? 

So I will try to do a little catch up here.  We picked up Wubby on Saturday and quickly made him a member of our family.  We had to drive two hours to pick him up and Wubby had been driving for 15 hours already.  But he was still such a good puppy and just hung out in the car and let me snuggle with him the entire ride back.

Put Wubby in the car and he goes to sleep

Since then, Wubby has been surprising us constantly with all his cool tricks.

At first, he "could not" go up the stairs.

 maybe he just liked being escorted carried up and down the stairs

 Now all of a sudden he goes up and down the stairs like he owns the place.  He also did not seem to have much of an ability to reach things high up. We quickly found out that this was not the whole truth when we left food on the table for a moment and all of a sudden both of Wubby's front paws were on the table.  We could also not tell how potty trained he was as he had two pretty big accidents (not his fault) on Sunday but all day yesterday he told us exactly when he needed to go out by walking downstairs to the backdoor and waiting. 

Aaron works at home.  Apparently, Wubby has gotten used to this quick.  This morning after he was fed, he went right to his spot by Aaron's desk ready for the work day.  He also seems to be very interested in my work day attire what is under my work day attire, especially the skirts.  Overall, he is such a calm loving dog. He loves lots of cuddles and head massages - just like his mother.  He is very content sitting on the floor next to us or going out for a quick walk. All in all he is a great dog and a wonderful addition to the family :)

You and me both Wubs...YAWN

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  1. Welcome to the family, Wubster! Your cousins Yonah and Akiva can't wait to meet you!