Wednesday, April 4, 2012

On Motivation & Being Just Good Enough

Once upon a time, I was a very motivated person.  You should have seen my day planner in high school - yes I had a day planner in high school.  I had to balance Varsity Swimming, Captain of the Forensics teams, Girl Scouting, tutoring, President of the Gourmet Club, USY, Literary Society.  So yea, I had a planner and maybe I was just a little bit of a dork as well.  I have pretty much continued my motivation into every part of my life thus taking two bar exams, running, blogging - you name it.

But lately, I have not been my motivated self. Case in point there is a very strong likelihood I will never even publish this post as it has taken me a good 20 minutes to get this far.  I get started, feel motivated, but then give up.  Yup that sentence just took another 5 minutes.  O.K. this is not turning into an award winning blog post by any means.

I agree Wubby, I agree.

Anyway, here is the problem.  Normally lack of motivation is not really that big of problem.  Just ride the wave and respect that maybe your body is telling you to SLOW DOWN.  However, there is this little Jewish holiday coming up on Friday called Passover.  Have you heard of it?  And it is pretty much the antithesis of laziness.   If you are not too familiar with Passover, it is that holiday where you can't have bread.  Ring a bell now?  Anyway, if it were only as simple as not having bread.  Not only are you not suppose to have bread, but you are supposed to clean your entire house and free it from all products grain and grain like and switch dishes to your Passover dishes.  In short it is a ton of work.  Oh yea, you also have these two nights of Seders, which we happen to be hosting for just a close group of 15 people.

Passover is no joke.  Passover 2005?

Now don't get me wrong.  I like and respect Passover. It is a really important Jewish holiday.  But here is the thing about Passover and me being extremely unmotivated are not fitting together so well. So  here we are T-minus 72 hours pre-Passover Seder and nothing is done. Ok, well we got the food shopping done on Monday, but yesterday we were suppose to clean all the dishes etc. and instead I laid in bed and watched Lipstick Jungle and ate two very large cookies....yea I know...And tonight, well tonight is not looking anymore promising.

Luckily I know Aaron will come to my rescue and save the day (Aaron if you are reading this please please help me with a cherry on top).  Also some wonderful guests are bringing some great dishes and treats to take some of the load off of us.  And Dad is bringing wine so that will be good because then my motivation will go from zero to less than zero.

Anyway point being whatever it is, it is.  Sometimes things are what they are and are just going to have to be good enough.  Will we have a meal? Yes.  Will it be good? Yes.  Will we use my grandmother's Passover dishes? Yes.  But will it be perfect? Not by any means.  Will it follow every rule to the "T?"  Very unlikely.  But sometimes life happens and you can not be perfect, you just have to be good enough and accept it for what it is.   I have spent my life trying very hard to dot all my "i"s and cross all my "t"s and in essence obtain perfection.  But lately I realize more and more perfection just is not going to happen and so I will be good enough.  And hopefully that will be O.K. for the 15 other people at our Seders Friday and Saturday night.

How do you deal with lack of motivation? Are you o.k. with things just being "good enough?"

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