Thursday, April 26, 2012

Infertility Awareness Week: Don't Ignore

So I admit it, I am not a very good infertility blogger or whatever you want to classify me as because I did not know until reading this very wise girl's post yesterday that this week was National Infertility Awareness Week.  But ever since I found out, I have been thinking about how best to write a post about Infertility Awareness, specifically  revolving around the theme of "Don't Ignore."  I read some of the other posts that were posted on the National Infertility Awareness Week's website and just got all choked up.  I do not even believe I can do this topic justice next to these courageous women who have battled year in and year out to make their dreams of having a family come true.   These women and their partners for that matter are incredible and inspiring - in fact, you are better off not listening to me ramble and just go read their posts.

So then what do I have to add to the topic?  I am not sure.  Just kind of what I know, and that is not much, which is kind of my point of this post.  Before battling infertility, it was not really on my radar whatsoever.  I did not look at other women with or without children and wonder what their stories were, what they had gone through, how much they had suffered.  I was never aware of the online support system complete with amazing women and bloggers who would help get me through some very hard times.  I just did not know - people did not talk about it and I did not know or think to ask.

Then, it happened to me, and all of a sudden the first person I wanted to reach out to was Jen.  I had never really spoken much to her minus a blog comment here or there, but from the moment of my first email to her, she was unwavering in her support and empathy.  I admit, at first, I did not want to share.  I thought it was too "personal" for the Internet.  And there in lies the first problem.  If it were any other disease, I likely would have told you all, but some reason something of this nature seemed like an unspeakable topic.   It did not take me too long of suffering in silence to open up - to be honest to you all and myself about what my family was going through.  Once I opened up, it was incredible the response back I received, particularly the amount of women who raised their hands and said Me Too, I have battled too.  They shared and continue to share their success stories with me and their sorrows and tears and give me strength to keep going.   And I have come to realize that I am not alone and that in fact 1 in 8 battle infertility - it is your friends, your boss, your neighbors, the people on TV - all around us courageous men and women are going through hell to have a family. 

I have to say that I have learned a lesson or two here.  Only several months ago, I would fit into the camp of people this campaign is trying to educate, I honestly still do in many ways.  I did not know - I did not know even think to know.  This makes me very sad.  But now knowing what I know, I will never forget and I implore you all to take notice.

I am not sure what to say now honestly. Battling infertility is hard stuff and it sucks. I do not want to preach to you all about what you should or should not do with this information.  That is your choice and it is a personal one that I want to respect.  But hopefully this post gave you something to think about, to consider.  If you would like to learn more, jump on the National Infertility Awareness Week website.  With that, I guess I will let it be.

Thank you to everyone for not ignoring me over the past few months. For letting me tell my story - for listening to me with good news and bad and for just being there, for continuing to be there.  I can't thank you all enough. 


  1. I'll admit that it's something I knew little about but I've learned a lot from you so thank you for being willing to share.

  2. I'll pray for you & for all those dealing with infertility. I'm certain it is harder to deal w/ than I can imagine. Hope you can keep staying optimistic, even when you have tough days. And hope Wubby is well!