Wednesday, August 22, 2012

'Tis The Season...Race Season

As we wind down August and head into back to school, September and the FALL (I love fall),  I was pondering last night, as I talked with Aaron, about how we are not only heading into the best season of the year, in my opinion, but also the best time of year for racing.   In New England, fall is the jackpot time for racing.  The weather is crisp, but not too cold, the summer heat is gone, and runners are itching to race and race directors are happy to supply an abundance of amazing races with beautiful fall foliage to look at while running by.  Last year, at this time, I was smack dab in the middle of that season.  Gearing up for Marine Corps Marathon, I was not only enjoying long run after long run in the wonderful fall weather but also hitting up the race scene like never before!

I get really excited about fall running!

Last night, I realized how much I miss racing and how a part of me is sad not to be immersed in all the fun this season; although I would not trade my position for the world, I would much rather be baby training right now (and boy am I ever, but that is another post).  I have not raced a race since the first week in February.  At that time, I had run at least one, if not two, races a month since May (maybe skipping July), which for some may not seem like a lot, but for me it really was.  Sure, I have been running and even participated in some races, but I miss the thrill of preparing for a race, putting in hard training hours, getting nervous the morning of the race, and going out and competing and doing my best.   And I can't wait to get back into all of that fun.

But for now, there is no time or ability to race.  After two speedier miles for me this morning, it is clear that my body is absolutely not getting faster any time sooner.  In fact, like I mentioned before, there is a chance that very soon I may just call it quits on the whole running thing for a while.  My knee was fine on the run, which was great, but my lower back is starting to feel it (could it be that big belly is starting to get in the way?).  I am pretty sure baby and I had a growth spurt this week and we are feeling the changes.  When I saw my PT on Monday, he watched me run and at that time said we would monitor my running, that I should run 2 on Wednesday and 4 on Saturday or Sunday and come in next week (I swear the growth spurt happened Monday night into Tuesday).  He said the biggest concern in running now would be overcompensating and hurting my back.  I will talk with him more next week and I think I am going to try a maternity belt, but if running has to go on the sides lines for now, so be it.

But while I may be on the sidelines, I can still live vicariously through others right?  Aaron is seriously considering a fall half marathon and I am sooo excited - probably more excited than he is.  Is that strange?  I can't wait to talk all things running with him and plot out course strategies etc.  Aaron is probably reading this and regretting this now.  This morning, we ran the two speedy miles together, well, we started together and then he took off.  I could not have been prouder.  In January of this year, he could hardly run an 11 minute mile without huffing and puffing and needing a break and he just ran 2 consistent fast miles leaving me in the dust and I know he could have made it 3.   I can't wait for him to rock his half marathon.

 Fall Running, here we come!

How are you partaking in race season?

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