Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Baby B - Weeks 24 & 25

And just when I thought I caught I am two weeks behind once again.  Not only that but this week we totally forgot to take a bump picture at Week 25.  However we got it early on in Week 26 so it still counts, right?

Week 24
Week 25/26

How have I been feeling?  Week 24 and 25 were pretty great.  Overall, I had a ton of energy and focused that energy into a massive need to prepare for all things baby. Buy Buy Baby is officially my new favorite store.  I absolutely spend more time there on the weekends than anywhere else along with my trusty Baby Bargain's book.  If I am not at Buy Buy Baby, I spend my time organizing the house.  We are almost through cleaning out the second bedroom in the house which was an office and a "landing zone" for the past year to the upstairs third floor.  Aaron put in shelving upstairs which helped a ton for reorganization.  Last weekend, we even loaded up our higher education into the car and sent it off the Book Recycling Depot.  In other words, we recycled about a decades worth of books.  We wanted to sell them, but that proved difficult.  Then we wanted to donate them to some place pertinent, but in the end recycling was the best we could do.  No judgment please.

So yes I have had lots of energy and I have wanted to GO GO GO!  But have had some other symptoms
  • Heartburn - still making an appearance, still not fun.  I have been rocking the Zantac which is better than Tums but still not great.
  • Swollen Feet - they are big, really really BIG
  • Dry Eyes - my eyes are all bloodshot and teary.  It is not pretty.  I called the optometrist today and am hoping to get some drops.
  • Sleeping - Sleeping is getting harder mainly because my neck was bothering me the past two weeks and I could not sleep on my back.  Usually if my neck pain flares up, I sleep on my back at night to relieve the pressure from the day.  Sleeping on my side just does not cut it. I am now sleeping with a good 5-7 pillows a night.  Yes, I have the Snoogle (the pregnancy pillow), but guess what - my neck hates it.
Still though, I am pretty satisfied.  I will take it.  The energy helps outweigh all of these other things.

How am I feeling emotionally?  Still excited!! Still trying to enjoy the moment, but I can't wait to meet this guy!  We have been busy busy busy and there have been lots of fun things going on, so it is a bit easier now. I also know I really need to enjoy this time and rest and relax, but I really can't wait to meet this guy (but that does not mean I want him to come early!)

Cravings/Aversions  During Week 24 & 25, I did a pretty good job of enjoying a variety of foods.  I had some fish, some meat, lots of milk and yogurt so I am pretty happy about that.  My biggest craving has been Carrot Cake.  Not just any though.  My friend made this Carrot Cake for dinner about a week and a half ago and I am officially obsessed with it.  I have not stopped talking about the darn thing.  It may border on an unhealthy obsession at this point.  Otherwise, still just want to eat lots of turkey and tuna fish sandwiches (how I wish).  Aversions - still coffee.  But during week 24 & 25 nothing else major, but stay tuned that might be starting to change now....

Exercise:  Probably the best during weeks 24 & 25.  Two seven mile runs.  A 3.1 hilly outside run and some elliptical time all which felt good.  Although it did feel like I was carrying a little wagon with me.  Also, I notice that when I start to run I feel very very sluggish and need a good 2 miles to warm up.  I have not had much calf cramping thus far but when I run ,I feel some leg cramping and it takes a while to get myself going.

Even though that is all great, I was doing my PT exercises on Thursday and tweaked my knee.  I talked to my cousin who is a PT and she thinks that I am fine - stretched it, taped it, and told me take two good days of rest followed by some elliptical and I should be good to go.  Although she really feels, it is about time to stop with the running (grandma would agree).  I know the time is coming.  I know I could go to the pool but that involves paying for a gym membership and actually getting to the gym.  I am soooo spoiled these days with just walking upstairs and hitting the treadmill or elliptical.  I might just end up doing lots of elitpicaling but that is kind of boring too.  Right now the plan is no running until my knee feels a bit better and then we will reassess.

Doctor's Visits: 0 but big one next week - glucose test and an ultrasound!

Baby Movement: Kick kick kick! This guy is very active! During the day now too. I love it.  Sometimes I can feel him stretch and twist and turn too.  Other times I feel just the pressure of him and can sort of tell where he is if that makes sense.  Aaron can feel him now, but it takes a lot of patience and time.  For some reason, baby never seems to want to kick when Aaron comes 'round.  I always yell for Aaron to come and feel and then baby is quiet.  Go figure, he only likes to beat up on mommy!

Just because I love this photo

Did you stop running during pregnancy?  What are people's thoughts on running and pregnancy?

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