Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby B - Weeks 26 & 27

I guess it just seems easier to to group weeks into sets a two.  Not that weeks are flying by at that rate but they do seem to clump better that way.

How have I been feeling? During Weeks 26 & 27, I felt overall still pretty darn good.  Still a good amount of energy and a massive desire to organize, clean, read baby books, and work on my baby registry.   Same old symptoms: random bouts of heartburn, swollen ankles, and really bad dried eyes.  My eyes have been getting so bad that I think contacts are going to have to take a hiatus soon.  I have been wearing them off and on but even that is getting more and more difficult.  To add to the mix of symptoms, during Week 26 my knee acted up and at the start of Week 27, lower back pain also began.  I swear that I had a growth spurt between last Monday and Tuesday and in came the lower back pain and the inability to bend over without feeling pain in my stomach.  These things are still pretty manageable but I am feeling them.

An actual belly picture - Week 27

How have I been feeling emotionally?  Still counting down the weeks. I know I know I should sleep, I should enjoy this time.  I know...but I am just so excited and cannot wait to meet this little guy.  Otherwise, during weeks 26 & 27, nothing seemed too out of whack - but if you ask me about my hormones yesterday (Week 28)... well that is a whole other story.  At least during pregnancy, I can blame those days on hormones, right?  Poor Aaron...

Cravings and Aversions:  Starting during the end of Week 27, my sweet tooth has been out in full force.  I normally have quite a sweet, tooth but this is a bit over and above my normal love of sweets.  I also noticed that there is less room or starting to be less room for bigger meals in my belly again (more baby, less belly).  I have to keep up on that and really try to listen to hunger cues because it often leads to me eating too much or too little and then paying for it later.  Otherwise, last weekend, I had a major craving for Chinese food.  We went out with friends and I proceeded to demolish a very large plate of Chinese food - I can't wait to go back!  And of course pizza was still high on the list as well as tuna fish (I got my second tuna fish sandwich of the month in and it was glorious hehe).  I also have been craving more fruit, which is absolutely wonderful.  Finally, milk and cereal is apparently my favorite breakfast food in the world right now.  Aversions, not much - coffee still.  Also, for a while I was pretty into the idea of toast and butter, waffles and butter, English muffins and butter and now eh not so much on the butter.

Mid-afternoon snack. This is actually the smallest (and only size) they had.  I will take it.  And it is actually soft serve fro yo - where have all these places gone. I can't find this anywhere anymore... :(

Exercise:  At the beginning of Week 26, I felt some pain in my knee remember?  So I took a few days off and even got a swim exercise in, which still unfortunately bothered my knee.  Everyone keeps telling me to swim, that I am going to love it.  I have been loving the pool - well sitting there anyway.  As for swimming laps, it still was kind of boring to me.  I kept thinking the clock was broken at the pool or I was not seeing it right because how could only 15 minutes have passed?!?! It seemed like forever!

Getting ready for pregnancy swimming!

Otherwise, I did speak with my PT and he is not too concerned about my knee.  He watched me run a mile and said he was more worried that I might hurt my back as I compensate for the added weight.  He told me to run 2 miles last Wednesday and 4 on Saturday.  Well, he was right, my back was quite sore on both Wednesday and Saturday.  I go to PT on Wednesday this week and will try one of those maternity belts, but it may be time just to hit up the elliptical for now.

Doctor's Visits:  Not during week 26 & 27, but yes during Week 28 - so you will have to wait for next time to hear all about it.  I know it is hard to contain your excitement.

Baby Kicks: Kick kick kick all day long and you can see my tummy move too! I love it!  But I still don't think Wubby feels hehe....

Because why not...

Did you try a maternity belt for back support?  Did you have really bad dry eyes?

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