Tuesday, May 15, 2012

When G-d closes a door, he opens a window....

Thank you all so so much for your well wishes.  I am so happy I can finally share with all of you.  :)

So I am thinking full story time is in order.  As it is no secret, we have been trying to get pregnant for the past few months and it was clear that we or rather I was having some issues in that department and thus had been working with a wonderful Reproductive Endocrinologist.  Last we left off, I think I had told you all that I had gotten my period and we were starting the next round of Clomid, and all of that was true.  So what happened...?

I guess everyone believes something different in these situations, some might look for the magic bullet - the one thing that worked.  I know I wanted all the answers of what truly would do it.  If I only ran this many days a week, ate this many calories, gained this much weight.  What would be the thing to help me get pregnant?  It is my belief that what did it was my mother passing away.  Her passage along with Aaron's mom passing (three years ago) and G-d is what I believe made this miracle a reality.  I am not going to make this a religious post - don't worry.  I will just explain what happened and what I believe and everyone can take what they want from it because I really don't want to offend anyone.

So, ok back to the second round of Clomid.  We were on the second round of Clomid when my mom passed away.  I spent that week in NJ sitting shivah.  I ate, I relaxed, I walked, I ran a little - I did not really think or care about the "getting pregnant process."  And then we came back to Massachusetts and on Friday March 23 went to the doctor's to see how things were progressing.  Aaron's first words "We have not see this before."  The doctor was just like "OMG, OMG."  Yup you guessed what we were seeing was our very little baby at 4 weeks, 6 days!  Just what looked like a little bean.  It was the craziest thing - I honestly could not believe it until I got the blood test.  Yes we were actually seeing it but until I actually had the blood test I could not believe it.

I still woke up the next day at the crack of dawn and took a pregnancy test - I just could not believe it...

And then we held our breath...we went back the next week to make sure everything was ok and we could see the little heart beat pounding away while looking at something that in no way resembled a baby. They put me on Progesterone until Week 10 which was not so fun but totally worth it.  And so I guess every day I wake up a complete nervous, neurotic, and sickly mess thanking G-d for our miracle.  And so that is  what I believe.  I believe I was not pregnant until my mom passed away.

My mom...

Aaron's mom and I

But I will still recap what else I did for others who are interested.  The first round of Clomid I did was 25 mg and then I got an HCG shot.  During that time I did acupuncture, I visited the mikveh (which is a Jewish cleansing bath ritual), I ran and exercised less (5 days a week much much less intense), and I gained a bit of weight eating more almonds, yogurt, eggs (maybe like 5-8 pounds).  Was one of these things a magic bullet?  Take of it what you will.

I just know for me there are some very wonderful ladies looking down on us.  By the way, my due date, November 21st, is my parents' anniversary.


  1. Congrats Stephanie!!! I am so happy for u. I wish u all the best with your pregnancy :)


  2. God is sooooo good!!! I'm so happy for you.

  3. What a happy, wonderful story! And I think God 100% had a hand in your little miracle. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!! Maybe your little babe will show up exactly on that Nov 21st anniversary. :-)