Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Magic of Cape Cod

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  It is currently Sunday at 7 a.m. and I have been up for the past hour.  No, I do not have a big race today and yet here I am wide awake.  Benefit of getting up early and not having a race - lounging around in a way to comfy oversized bed with fluffy pillows listening to the sounds of the Cape (I won't have this luxury, G-d willing, for much longer so I have to take it now).  Downside - having to deal with my stomachache that comes with maybe just too big of an ice-cream treat last night - worth it.

Wubby's first ice-cream, eaten in record time

It is probably no secret that the last few weeks have not been so easy for me.  To sum it up, think of a stereotypical pregnant woman (not the happy go lucky kind) and you will have a picture of what pregnancy has been for me since Week 5/6-ish.  Do not get me wrong, I am over-the-moon grateful to be pregnant and would not change it for the world, but am I crazy sick? You bet!  But if you have to be sick for 9 weeks straight, this is the best reason to be sick for so long, so I will take it.  Anyway, feeling sick 24/7 has left me fatigued, with no motivation, and no time for blogging.  I like my bed, my pillow, and my T.V. - otherwise I have no interest.

But since coming to the Cape this weekend, something magical has happened, I have actually felt . . . NORMAL!  For two whole blissful days, I have felt like my old self motivation, smiles, no nausea and all.  I am 100% convinced this is due to the Cape air and about 99% convinced I should present this evidence to my boss on why I should be allowed to work from home e.g., the Cape, for the  remainder of my pregnancy in order to be the most efficient possible.  Makes sense, right?  I am just not sure he will go for it.


I think everyone has their happy places.  For me, I have acquired one or two in my life time.  The Cape has been one of them ever since Aaron took me here a few months after we started dating.  I came here and fell in love.  For those of you have been to the Cape, you may have experienced this but when you cross the Sagamore (or Bourne) bridge that separates Cape Cod from the rest of Massachusetts it is almost as if a weight as been lifted off your shoulders and you let out a huge sigh of relief - that is how it is for me anyway.

Cape Cod happiness - this was actually about 6 years ago, crazy

For many reasons, we have not been able to get away to the Cape like this in the past year or two and I have all but forgotten the "Magic of the Cape."  But within seconds of crossing the bridge this weekend and sitting down for our first meal at the Cape (yes fish shack complete with tuna fish, french fries, onion rings and soft serve ice-cream - did I tell you pregnancy means I love all things fried) I quickly recalled "the magic."

So I have been in heaven.  A slight reprieve from all the sickness and a true chance to enjoy everything that has been going on in and around me.  Yesterday, I spent 3 hours at the beach, one of which included playing with a very happy Wubby and the other included trying to coax a scared puppy into the bay water (waves are scary).

Wubby is a little tired from all the action. More actual beach pictures to come when I find the connector cable.

I also got to enjoy a 2 mile run where everything felt normal!!! Minus a bit of heavier breathing I actually believe (according to Aaron because I run sans Garmin these days) that I ran under 9 min miles - which is HUGE for me these days.  Otherwise, I have been eating to my heart's content (I may have gained 10 pounds on this trip - so worth it), reading, watching T.V., and relaxing...

French Toast!!!!

I really don't want to go home!!!!  I am pretty convinced that as soon as we leave I will be back to my pregnant sick self leaving the magic of the Cape behind.  Maybe I can take just a little of the Cape back with me.

How are all of you?  Any good plans for the holiday weekend? Have you ever been to the Cape - where is your "happy" place?

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  1. I love how you are enjoying yourself and eating well!! I hope your sickness goes away soon so that you can start feeling normal again!! Enjoy yourself while in Cape because you so deserve it!!