Monday, September 10, 2012

Down but not out completely anyway..

Well, it is official.  I knew it was coming.  But Friday, I went into Physical Therapy and announced my new training plan - to not run at all!  I did not bother trying to ask my P.T. for ideas on how to keep me running, I did not digress into a 20 minute tangent on what exactly hurt and what we could do for it.  Instead, I just stated the obvious.  I was not looking for a fix.  I know and have known for a while that my time has come, at least for now.

Corn mazes that allow dogs are more fun than running in the heat anyways

I love running.  And to keep running in the long term, I know that I have to take this pretty extensive break from running, likely we are looking at 4 months of no running, at least.  And yet, oddly I am doing O.K. with that.  Maybe because at this point there are just so many more important things and people to think about than running (GASP I know!)  But it is true.  Running will be there and as my PT said, I will be back!  But for now it is just not worth it.  Everything hurts when I run and I am more likely to end up injured than logging glorious miles if I continue to run.  Sure,  I am a bit envious of those running pregnant folks who are still hitting the pavement well into their 34th, 35th, and 36th week of pregnancy.  But that is not me and that is O.K.   Running comparisons (which I try to avoid but cannot always) are the same whether you are pregnant or not - there will always be someone out there who you equate yourself with who is going faster and longer.  Comparisons and competitions with those people are not only in one's own mind but not what running is about for me, at least.

So for now the plan for running is no plan at all.  I am still doing some weights, elliptical, and walking and that is good enough.
I knew we invested in this elliptical for a reason!

And if my body did not think my mind totally got the message, this weekend and even today I am completely sidelined from all physical activity or moving from the bed with a good "End of the Summer" Cold.   So today Wubby and I are taking it easy.  I really have to take a page from his book - he knows how to recover from the weekend - the little big guy has not left his crate and has been sleeping since Aaron left for work a few hours ago, whereas I keep getting up and having trouble settling myself down.  Here I think that Wubs pines away for us when we leave during the day and in actuality he is snoring his little head off.

Enough said

In the meantime, I will run vicariously through all of you guys!  Any good races coming up?  I cannot wait for the start of all these wonderful marathons and hear all the races reports.

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